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If you are a recent graduate or an existing student, you will know the pressures that exist and the competition you face in utilising your qualifications to land a job, never mind a career.

For the majority of graduates, you will not fall into a job but will need to work really hard to find that opportunity.

When your chance comes along, you need to take it and stand out from the people around you

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"Very professional, prompt and responsive. The work was delivered in 2 days instead of the originally agreed 1 week. Very high quality work."

- celestiatech

"Steve has been very professional and extremely patient with me! I'm very impressed with the finished product and hopefully the CV will stand me in good stead for getting my feet firmly back on the career ladder."

- JaneWilliams

"I would recommend Steven to any career minded professional. His attention to detail and understanding of the important points within my career history has made my CV a striking document which has already generated interest even within 24 hours. Steven has also rewritten my LinkedIn profile which now reflects my CV. He was easy to work with, quick to reply whenever I asked a question and I would highly recommend him."

- LouiseW1980

Landing your first job


Do you need help understanding what career path or jobs you are most suited to?


Have you found a job you want to apply for but need help to create a powerful CV that will land you an interview?


Have you been invited to a job interview but need help to improve your interview skills?


Are you looking to win a place on a postgraduate course and need a personal statement written?






Does the sound of working for yourself seem more appealing than working for a boss?


Do you want to work in a more flexible way, structuring your day and doing the number of hours that suits your lifestyle?


Can you think of areas of specialism or expertise that you have which could benefit others?


Would you be able to provide services to clients remotely?


Do you like the idea of being to work from anywhere in the world?



Passive Income


Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset, high tolerance for risk and a determination to succeed? 


Does the thought of creating your own online business excite you?


Can you think of services and products that you could create that would provide real value to people?


Do you want to learn more about how successful entrepreneurs use blogging, social media, podcasting, training, webinars, videos, marketing and website content to drive online traffic and build a strong following?


Do you want access to materials and advice provide by business experts who have created passive income from nothing?



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