This page contains a range of useful links and resources to help you achieve your career objectives. These have all been carefully chosen as great resources that can make a real difference to your career – in some cases we have partnered up with the provider to provide you with a great deal, and these links will earn us a small percentage in affiliate income.

Recommended Freelancing Books:

The Miracle Morning

Really inspiring book that helps you to create a powerful morning routine that completely changes your approach to life and energises your day.

Go Solo

Another inspiring book about how to break free from your negative ways of thinking and take that step forward to achieve your personal dreams.

101 Secrets To Freelance Success

This is a great book as it gives you specific information about what to do and HOW to go about making it happen. Some top tips and comprehensive information about becoming a successful freelancer

Great Blogs:

Be A Freelance Blogger

This is a useful blog with tips about freelancing and a particular emphasis on how to set yourself up and succeed as a freelancer blogger.


Practical and honest insights into what life is like as a freelancer. Highly worth taking a look at if you want more of idea of the challenges and perks of working freelance.

Check out these affordable training courses on freelancing if you want to start boosting your monthly earnings today


A great first step towards building an online business is to purchase Natalie Sisson’s informative book entitled “Build Your Own Business” . This will teach you some of the key rules for setting up a business with tips related to websites, blogs, email lists, products, social media and affiliate marketing.

If you want more comprehensive hands-on training with a range of video modules and step-by-step guidance to launching and growing any type of online business then we would strongly recommend the Academy programme offered in InternetBusinessMastery . Jason and Jeremy are pioneers in the field of online business and have helped multiple current entrepreneurs to develop and prosper over the last few years. You could be the next one if you invest in their training today …..


Free ebooks: Blogging for beginners

One site you should definitely visit for informative articles about blogging is . This site is packed full of inspiring and detailed articles that will teach you everything you want to know about becoming a successful blogger.

Another good blog to take a look at is SuccessfulBlogging as this contains some great tips on creating a successful blogging strategy that will drive traffic to your posts.

If you are looking for more interactive training, where you can watch videos on the subject and listen to successful bloggers sharing their experience, then check out the great range of courses at Udemy .


For anything podcast related, you cannot really look much further than John Lee Dumas. John started EntrepreneurOnFire podcasts from nothing in September 2012 and now earns an incredible $200K per month. He is clearly the man to advise when it comes to finding success in the podcasting niche.

If you are looking for the most comprehensive and detailed training available for podcasting, then you can’t really go wrong with PodcastersParadise hosted by John Lee Dumas. Quite simply, this is the BEST course out there for giving you step-by-step video and webinar training in three key areas:

  • Creating your podcasts from scratch – includes over 50 tutorials
  • Growing your podcast audience and podcast success
  • Strategies and resources for monetising your podcast

  • If you are not yet ready to commit to this kind of investment, then why not check out PodcastAnswerMan for 8 free and very comprehensive videos on setting up your own podcast from scratch – this is an excellent resource!

    If you want to check out other training courses about creating Podcasts, then take a look at the range of training available at Udemy.


    Watch some videos to learn more about eBooks – first here is a quick guide on 3 steps to writing and selling an eBook. If you want further inspiration, take a look at this video to watch some success stories with authors who published eBooks and gained great sales following specific strategies.

    If you prefer to read an article from a successful author who made over $30,000 with his eBook then check out this blog .

    For some great Udemy training courses on Ebooks, with different courses focuses on the creation and the marketing processes, then take a look at the selection here .

    Online Training

    What better way to learn about online training, then to use online training courses written and hosted by people with success in this field. Check out a number of different training options here .

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Plenty of practical career advice with a real emphasis on finding happiness at work


Thought provoking career articles tailored for students


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