What to do in the first few days of starting your first graduate job?

Starting a new job, let alone your very first job, can be a nerve-racking experience. Wondering whether you will be successful, if your new colleagues will like you, if you’ll be able to slip into the office routine, there are countless thoughts you will have leading up to it. But there are a number of things you can do to ease the pain and make sure your first few days glide along smoothly to get your career off to the best start possible. 


1. Dress to impress

Just as in the interview that secured you the job in the first place, looking good and dressing smart is crucial in your first few days. Smart business attire for both guys and girls will go a long way in both creating a positive impression with your new colleagues as well as boosting your confidence and self esteem. Over the first few days you’ll be able to pick up on what others around you are wearing and base what you wear going forward off the back of that.


2. Tone it down (or up)

If you’re a naturally loud and bubbly person then you might want to tone it down a notch in the first few days. People can be intimidated by loud and energetic types, and it’s no different in the workplace. On the other hand, if you tend to be more reserved and quiet, try to bring out the extrovert in you. Whatever your character, it’s best to strike a balance between being too loud or too quiet.


3. Don’t be shy to ask

Everyone has to start somewhere and even the CEO of your company once stood in your shoes. There will be a lot to take in on your first day and a lot to learn so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions is also the perfect excuse to engage with people, make introductions, and begin to build strong working relations.


4. Listen

The fastest way to learn is to listen and the office is no exception. Be open to hearing new ideas and ways of doing things and you’ll find you’re picking up the ropes in no time.


5. Get to grips with the coffee situation

This is a simple but often overlooked point. Offering to make a round of coffee (or tea) is an easy way of winning favour and you should never consider yourself beneath it.


6. Get there early

Hit the ground running on your first few days by arriving to work early and try to sustain this as a lasting habit. Being early will show that you are motivated, can manage your time and that you’re trustworthy. You’ll also arrive cool and calm; there’s nothing worse than dashing around on public transport arriving flustered on your first few days.


7. Figure out your surroundings

Have a wander around the local area and figure out the nice sandwich place and coffee shops. It’s always handy to have somewhere as a go-to place for those important business lunches. Being in the know will also help you survive the conversations about what you’re eating and where you got it from!


8. Reaffirm new connections on social media

Depending on the size of the company you’re joining you could end up meeting an overwhelming number of new people. Try to remember names where you can and reaffirm these new connections on social media. LinkedIn is perfect for this and will help to expand your professional network.


9. Be positive and flexible

There will undoubtedly be challenges to be overcome during the first few days of a new job. The only way to approach these is with a positive mind and willingness to be flexible in how you handle situations. You’ll be seen as a positive influence around the office and one who your colleagues can depend on, so seize opportunities with a can-do mentality.


10. Learn from mistakes

Failures and mistakes are inevitable in the business world but it’s how you deal with these that will set you apart. Understand why and how the mistake happened and learn from it, so that the next time it happens, you see it coming and can create a better outcome and grow both professionally and personally


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