Practical alternatives for students who decide not to go to university

Going to university is not always practical or desired for a number of reasons. If you are a student with doubts about this route, then why not take a look at some of the other options available for ways in which you can gain skills, knowledge and experience that will aid your career ambitions. 


1.      Find a Job – Over 50% of students opt for this route instead of university so it is very common. There are a number of bespoke job sites that advertise student jobs including Student Jobs. However, if you feel that you need more advice before starting the job search, why not take a look at Notgoingtouni as this site is full of really useful videos about a variety of different jobs. If you are completely stuck and have no idea what job you want, then why not take one of our career match assessments to give you inspiration.


2.      Get Work Experience – working in a voluntary role for a short period of time can be a really useful way of enhancing your employability by gaining experience, skills and knowledge that will help demonstrate your credibility for a future job role.  This Volunteering site has 100s of ways in which you can volunteer. Try and choose a sector where you have a real passion or interest. If you want to learn more about possible placements and compare your options then this Ratemyplacement site is a great site to start with.


3.      Take a Gap Year – Having a break after studying can be a sensible decision especially if you use a Gap Year to experience new situations and cultures that help you to grow as a person. Sometimes these opportunities are paid but more often than not they are voluntary so read carefully and find something that is right for you. This GapYear Video gives you a good introduction to the subject.


4.      Continue Studying whilst Working – the work-based route to gaining more qualifications is a good approach if you want to develop a specific skill or knowledge in a defined area.  This onthejobtraining article gives you some key information to get you started. If you are more interested in exploring apprenticeships (and have the necessary ‘entry-level’ qualifications), then this can also be a great option.  There is usually a lot of competition for this types of jobs with an element of pay but the rewards can be huge if you do well. Apprenticeships is a site with plenty of information to get you on the way. 

5.     Try your hand at Freelancing - What better way to assess what type of work you like than by completing work for a range of clients in a freelancing capacity. You can easily do this by registering for freelance websites and then bidding for the jobs that you like the look of.  If you need more information about freelancing, why not download our free ebook or watch this short video

6.    Build your own online business - with the phenemonal growth of digital tools, it is more easy than ever to build your own online business.  Whether this be a website offering professional services, a blog, a podcast or a site designed for affiliate marketing, there are multiple opportunities out there for you. You just need to think about what you are passionate about and come up with a strategy than can build your business, step by step.  If you need some inspiration on this topic, why not download our free ebook with 10 strategies for growing online income.