None of us are born to be good at interviews, just as none of us are born to be good salespeople or TV reporters. Successful salespeople have had years of training to understand the techniques necessary to clinch a sale whilst reporters will have had extensive training before they are unleashed in front of the camera.


Why is it then that we think it is ok to attend a job interview without any interview skills training or practice? It’s not the same, you say, but why? Let’s think about the facts. The purpose of an interview is to secure a job with an attached salary. Now let’s say most people stay in a job for an average of around 4 years and the average salary is £30,000 – this means that in reality, what is at stake in your job interview is £120,000 – a considerable amount of money.   


Let me ask you again – would you risk losing out on £120,000 through a lack of preparation and interview practice? It seems crazy doesn’t it, that we expect somehow that we will do OK at the interview but without really putting in much effort beforehand. You are not alone – the average person spends less than 2 hours preparing for an interview; less than 2 hours preparing to secure £120,000 over the next 4 years!


Sadly, what this means is that we often miss out on great job opportunities and excuse this by saying “it wasn’t meant to be”. Really? Is this an acceptable excuse or is the truth that you had a great chance of securing the job but you failed to practice, failed to do enough preparation, and as a result, someone no more qualified than you picked up the job?


So what are you going to do about it? Well, the good news is that the more you practice answering interview questions, the better your performance usually becomes.


At Careerlicious, we offer you free access to our online interview training portal to help you avoid making the same mistakes that you have always made.


Use this tool to design your own interviews or choose a pre-made interview before recording yourself answering the questions from your own home. Watch back the videos to see how you come across and analyse how convincing your answers were. Think about whether there are better examples you could use and how you could improve the structure of your answer. The more you practice, the better you become.


So, what are you waiting for – request your password for access today.