How to choose the right career for you

If you have ever been walking in town or catching the train at rush-hour time then you will have probably seen hundreds of gloomy looking commuters, in a trance-like state, as they make their way home from work.

These are people in the wrong careers, in jobs they hate because they can see no way out.

To avoid becoming a gloomy zombie with zero motivation for work, you need to make the right career choices. Get this wrong and you will find it increasingly difficult to correct your mistakes as you get older.

So, how do you get it right first time?

Key to choosing your career should be a real understanding of you as a person. If you don’t understand what makes you ‘tick’, then you have little chance of finding the best career path.



Spend some time thinking about what things in the world interest you. What subjects, areas and hobbies do you enjoy and why?  Gradually, by writing down these things, you can begin to see patterns emerging about the kinds of areas that appeal to you most.  This could be things like science, popular culture, buildings & structures, animals or something completely different. From this, you can begin to broadly identify the types of careers or job sectors that are likely to work well for you.



Next you need to think about your own personality. What kind of person are you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Perhaps you always been good at persuading people to see things from your point of view or maybe you love leading groups of people? What things make you uncomfortable – presenting to large groups? Analysing complex data? Making quick decisions without time to think? Everyone is different and we all have a unique blend of different characteristics that shape our preferences in life.


Once you have really thought about these two key areas – interests and personality – you should be in a much better position to start researching different careers and job roles to try and find ones that tick as many boxes as possible for you. If a job involves repeatedly doing things that you are not comfortable with or find really difficult, then this is probably not going to be a good match for you.  Really focus on finding job roles and careers that involve duties which you like the sound of and which align to your interests and personality.  

This is important, because research has shown that people who perform jobs that match their interests and compliment their personalities are much more likely to be highly motivated at work and enjoy doing their job.  These are the rare exceptions at rush-hour who look contented, happily make eye contact and don’t look like they are about to fall asleep on the spot. 

Make sure you are one of these few for a happy and fulfilling career.


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