Start 2015 with a Free CV Analysis

If your CV is lying on a shelf gathering dust or sat on your hard drive feeling unloved and unwanted, then why not take action that could significantly boost your job prospects over the next 6 months.

Why this is important:

Excellent CV = Job interviews = chance for a new job

Poor CV = straight to the dustbin = no chance of new job

Stop the Excuses

Many people bemoan their luck when they are not selected for a job interview citing external reasons to justify this (e.g. they obviously had an internal candidate in mind).

Isn’t it about time your accepted ownership for your repeated failure to land a job interview?

  • Have you actually considered that it is probably a weak CV that is letting you down, not external factors?
  • Can you say hand on heart that your CV really sells you in the strongest possible way?
  • Do you tailor your CV to perfectly fit every single job application?
  • Is your CV full of tired clichés rather than results and outcomes?

Why a third-party view can help

It can be difficult to be objective about your own CV, especially if you have spent many hours working on it. The truth is though that your CV is probably nowhere near as strong as it could be.  

Ultimately, this is why you need someone else to look at your CV – someone that knows what a great CV should look like.

If you send your CV through to Careerlicious for a Free CV Analysis, you be pleasantly surprised by what we give you for free.  This includes:

  • A general overview of what needs improvement on your CV
  • The top 3 changes you need to make to your CV today
  • A 20% discount voucher for our online CV training

So, what are you waiting for?

Send in your CV for a free review – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  It could be the first step to a new and exciting job  …..

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