Career Change Trends in 2017

The London School of Business and Finance have shared their latest career change research with Careerlicious.

They found that 47% of the entire UK workforce wanted to change career; this figure rises to 66% for 18-34 year olds.  It seems that many of us are not happy in our careers and are hoping to make a change in the future.

Interestingly though, there are a number of factors that hold people back from making the leap and changing career. 


The biggest factor is financial security with 29% of respondents citing this and over 40% of 18-34 year olds mentioning this. The fear here is that people worry they would have to start at the bottom of the ladder again if they change career.  This is a valid concern, as if you are completely changing careers, it is unlikely you will be able to transfer across on your currently salary scale without the specific industry / job experience required.  Ultimately though, life is too short to remain in a career you really dislike so explore the financial options here and see if there is a way you can survive on a lower salary for a period of time whilst you follow your dream.


15% of all respondents also cite fear of failure as the key factor holding them back from career change. Again this makes sense as a near career path is full of unknowns so it is inevitable that we would worry that we might not have the skills or personal qualities necessary to succeed. Doing plenty of research before make a career change leap is vital to avoid this possibility.  Consider getting professional career advice or taking a career change personality test to help you better understand the kind of job roles that are going to align best with your personal preferences. 


14% of respondents stated that they did not have the time necessary for making the plunge to a new career path.  Perhaps people worry that they don't have time to research careers, undertake training or rebrand themselves for their new career choice.  At Careerlicious, we can certainly help with the rebranding by creating tailored CVs, cover letters and interview training to support people on their journey to a new, more fulfilling career. Take a look at what we offer through this site.

Feel free to reach out to us if you are someone considering a change of career who needs professional support to get you from A to B