Feed Your Inner Career Creatures: Discover Your Ideal Job

Most people raise their eyebrows at the words ‘career test’ and think back to free online tests that they tried out of interest only to be bitterly disappointed by the end results. We have all been there and done that.

But what if there was a career aptitude test out there that could actually tell you what your idea career was? Wouldn’t you be the slightest bit interested to know what it would say about you?

Most of us end up doing a job out of circumstances rather than from choice. We happen to see a job advertised online that we like the look of and press the apply button without really thinking too much about whether this job will fulfil our career needs. We end up getting offered the job, taking the job and all seems rosy for a while. Until that is, our inner career creatures start complaining loudly about the fact that you are not meeting their needs.

These creatures are demanding and need to be fed every day or their complaints get louder. The initial joy of a new job appeases them as they think “great, this could be the job we have been waiting for”. As time passes by however, their need for satisfaction, enjoyment, stimulation and achievement grows stronger.  When these are not being met, they flood your body with negative chemicals that include a dose of unhappiness, some ample frustration, and plenty of demotivation.

When this happens, it is time to start searching for the next job – and so the cycle goes on, sometimes for our whole working life.

This brings me back to the career aptitude test.

At Careerlicious, we have created a bespoke career match test that we believe is one of the best on the market for helping your to discover your ideal career path – the one that will completely satisfy your inner career creatures.

Using two proven psychometric tests, career match allows us to analyse detailed data about both your career interests and your personality to understand what makes you tick. From this, we are able to guide you through the maze of jobs out there and tell you what your top careers are likely to be at this stage in your life. These will be careers that are most closely matched to you as a person and are therefore highly likely to bring you job satisfaction, happiness and on-going motivation on a daily basis.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, why not break your pattern of job frustration and feed your inner career creatures with ingredients that they will never complain about again.

Career Match – a career aptitude test that really works! http://careerlicious.co.uk/career-match