Category: Career

Most people raise their eyebrows at the words ‘career test’ and think back to free online tests that they tried out of interest only to be bitterly disappointed by the end results. We have all been there and done that.But what if there was a career aptitude test out there that could ...

Category: Interview

Everyone has bad interview stories.  Like the story about the candidate who was so nervous that he drank straight from the jug and not the glass.  Or the girl who was so desperate to impress that she wore totally the wrong clothes, and – how can I put this? – the interviewer found himself ...

Category: Training

Spread the word ............ Careerlicious is here! We aim to bring some colour back into your life and put you on the right pathway to career success, whatever situation you are in. From helping you to make the right career choice, to equipping you with the interview skills need...

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