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Time and time again I work with graduates who think that because they don’t have much work experience they can’t have a great CV. THIS IS NOT TRUE!A stand-out CV is not just about experience, it is about what skills, knowledge and potential you can bring to a role. Graduate recruiters...

Category: CV

Submitting your CV is a requirement for over 90% of job applications. This means that if you want to secure a job interview, you will most probably need a CV – and a high-quality CV at that. WHAT CONSTITUTES A HIGH-QUALITY CV?It needs to be visually attra...

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People often say that “a job is what you make of it”I would argue though that it should be “a job is what it is made of” When we look back on jobs from our past that we have enjoyed (… and there must be some...), it is often difficult to pinpoint what it was about...

Category: Career

If you listen to the everyday moans and groans of people with jobs, you could be forgiven for thinking that work is bad for your health. What research shows though is that it is actually unemployment that can have the most detrimental impact on your psychological well-being (as well as on your b...

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