Category: Interview

Please start off by telling me why you have applied for this job?If you are prepared for the interview, you absolutely know this question is coming.  Whether or not you answer it well though depe...

Category: Career

Going to university is not always practical or desired for a number of reasons. If you are a student with doubts about this route, then why not take a look at some of the other options available for ways in which you can gain skills, knowledge and experience that will aid your career ambitions.&n...

Category: Career

Starting a new job, let alone your very first job, can be a nerve-racking experience. Wondering whether you will be successful, if your new colleagues will like you, if you’ll be able to slip into the office routine, there are countless thoughts you will have leading up to it. But there are a ...

Category: Interview

The brain works in mysterious ways at the best of times. Imagine though how it will operate if you are sat in front of a scary looking interview panel for the job of your dreams. With a heightened sense of anxiety and adrenalin coarsing through your veins...

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