Category: Freelancing

Earning over £1000 a month by carrying out freelance jobs is attractive to both full-time freelancers and students who want to earn extra income whilst studying. In fact, you can soon be earning this rate whilst working part-time hours if you apply the advice in this article t...

Category: Career

The digital marketing industry has grown at a phenomenal rate and there are new opportunities opening up all the time. It’s a common misconception that these roles are the preserve of university graduates who have an impressive academic background. While having a first-class ...

Category: Interview

Let’s face it, when the word interview is mentioned, most people break out into a sweat just at the thought of it!  No matter how young or old you are, the idea of a job interview is not usually one that we relish. But before screaming out loud or cursing the heavens, here are seven tips t...

Category: CV

Last year the reality of my course choice hit me; I was in the second year of my business degree and very shortly I would be expected to undertake a year-long placement. This was the first time I’d had to actively go out and seek employment off my own back other than the stints of bartending ...

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