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We have all been there. You are sitting, staring at your laptop, trying desperately to think of something extra to put in the “other interests” section of your CV. You don’t think that a love of Jäger or your avid binge-watching of Netflix will be seen as legitimate interests by mo...

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The London School of Business and Finance have shared their latest career change research with Careerlicious.They found that 47% of the entire UK workforce wanted to change career; this figure rises to 66% for 18-34 year olds.  It seems that many of us are not happy in our careers and...

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If your CV is lying on a shelf gathering dust or sat on your hard drive feeling unloved and unwanted, then why not start 2015 with action that could significantly boost your job prospects over the next 6 months. Why this is important: Ex...

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Earning over £1000 a month by carrying out freelance jobs is attractive to both full-time freelancers and students who want to earn extra income whilst studying. In fact, you can soon be earning this rate whilst working part-time hours if you apply the advice in this article t...

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